Feral Love

drape dress h&m | belt zana bayne | boots fluevog | jewels bloodmilk | cape nuit

It has been getting warmer recently and my biggest regret of the winter is not getting this wool cape sooner. I'll have a full overview of my experience purchasing from Nuit up soon, but in summary it was an absolutely lovely and painless experience and I'm very excited for them to launch their next collection.

This outfit is actually incredibly comfortable and I could have stayed in it all day.. except for the boots.

I've had my pair of Silverlake boots for more than a year now, but I've only worn them out a few times. They are incredibly difficult to walk in and are easily my least comfortable pair of Fluevogs. They were my dream shoes for a while, so it's been disappointing that I can't really wear them much. They look lovely, but I can only wear them to events where I know I won't be walking around much.