Fiendies Astral Planes Throw - Review

I had my eye on the Fiendies Astral Planes Throw since the pre-orders for it went up . I originally found Fiendies because of their beautifully designed spirit boards and planchettes, and this blanket reflects that same aesthetic. I'm still waiting to get a spirit board from them, but I couldn't wait on the Astral Planes Throw. I saw it and knew I had to have it.

The throw itself is of good quality and the design on it is just as lovely in person. I have had a couple of threads pull loose from the edges of the throw since I got it, before it had been washed. But, I had this same style of throw growing up and as I recall it also had a few threads come loose from it, so I'm not overly concerned. It's light enough to drape around my shoulder in the evenings without making me incredibly hot, which I love. At the moment it's laying out on top of my duvet for a little extra warmth and weight at night.

Since it was a pre-ordered item it was several weeks before I received it, but I was kept updated every step of the way. I also dropped Fiendies a quick comment about the loose threads and they very promptly got back to me about it within a day or so, but because I've been busy with some personal things I haven't yet had the chance to follow up.

Along with the blanket I received a small thank you card with my name handwritten on it (which I always consider to be a nice touch) and a tiny Fiendies branded matchbook. The Astral Planes Throw also comes with a cute little medium sized booklet which discusses astrological signs, elemental force, ruling runes, planetary influence, and phases of the moon.

Overall I am incredibly happy with my throw and I'm looking forward to any future Fiendies releases in this vein!