Hearts of Gold

vip trench coat dita von teese via tatyana | belt collectif | regina bengaline pencil dress collectif | caged heart bobcat bones necklace loved to death | scallop metro watch kate spade | lady dragon pumps melissa via ebay

I didn't dress up for Valentine's Day this year since I didn't end up going anywhere, but I did wear a Valentine's Day themed outfit to work on Friday. I don't have much clothing in red or pink, but a little while ago I got these Melissa heart pumps off of Ebay and gold hearts seemed like a good starting place. I'm not sure whether or not they're knockoffs, I've had a lot of trouble finding an official photo of the Lady Dragon pumps in this color-way. I love the style of this shoe though, so I may get another similar pair, but from the official Melissa website next time.

The heart cage necklace I'm wearing is one of the first pieces of 'gold' jewelry that acquired as an adult. It houses a little bobcat toe bone, which is a nice little detail for me, but probably not something other people would notice. As a teenager I never wore gold jewelry. When you grow up a goth you tend to gravitate towards silver because that's the only color the Alchemy Gothic ankh pendant you covet comes in. Now that I'm older I'm still not a huge fan of gold and most the jewelry I wear is still silver, but I'm making more and more exceptions, especially for rose gold.

It's starting to get a little warm for coats here, and soon I'll be getting ready to stow away my trench coat until next winter. This coat is gorgeous. I was one the fence about buying it, but I'm so glad that I did. It looks a million times better worn than it does on the rack. Unfortunately, it looks a bit wrinkled here because it badly needs to be ironed. I regret immensely that I didn't buy a backup when they recently went on sale. I hope Dita decides to release more coats in the future, because this has become one of my favorites.