Little Wanderer

wool gauntlet cardigan with plume cloak pin nuit | mathilde washed linen dress ovate | leather messenger bag ovate | crystal tomb part iii necklace bloodmilk | swordfish, dada donuts boots fluevog

I wore this outfit to go exploring around the city and despite feeling quite well dressed in it, pretty much everything I have on here is incredibly comfortable.

I placed my first order with Ovate last month. I'm always on the lookout for brands that make dresses that will fit me around the chest. The dress is a small (30-32 in bust). I'm much closer to an x-small (29-30 in bust), but that wasn't an available size option for this piece. I took a chance and got it anyway. It is a tiny bit loose, but not terribly so, and the style allows for the fit to be a little roomy. I hope Ovate continues to be a flat-chest friendly brand.

When I found a photo of Ovate's gigantic leather messenger bag on Instagram I immediately fell in love and I knew I had to have it. It's incredibly spacious, but has no inner pockets. I did have something light-colored inside the bag pick up a little dye stain from sitting at the bottom of the bag over the course of a day. It's nothing serious, but I'd be careful about sticking light colored items in it, especially right away.

My wool cardigan from Nuit is just light enough to continue to wear on colder evenings in the Bay, even now that Winter is coming to an end. I love how beautifully drape-y it is. I really have nothing but good things to say about Nuit. Anastasia is possibly the most responsive, accommodating and patient shop owner I've had the pleasure to deal with.