Goals For The New Year - 1 Month Check-In

Welcome to February, all! January was an incredibly busy and tiring month for me. I moved into a new house and it's been a little hectic. Here is my 1 month check in for my goals for this year! 

1. Live more minimally. Get rid of 50 Articles of Clothing and/or Accessories. Moving has made me realize how much clothing I have, and how little of it I wear regularly. I donated one box of clothes, which was probably around 25 items total. I still have a ton of things to get rid of, but getting rid of more than 50 things in the next few months is looking very likely.

2. Look more consistently put together. Because I've been living out of a suitcase for the past month, this has been more of a challenge than usual. I'd say this one still needs a lot of work, but it'll be easier once I'm all unpacked and settled in!

3. Read (or listen to) one new book per month. This one I had no trouble with. I finished reading 11.22.63 by Stephen King about mid-way through the month! I have to say that despite whether or not you enjoy Stephen King's writing, the man is simply a writing machine. I hope to one day have the kind of self-discipline to write as much as he does. Reading books always makes me more inclined to write myself, and that's been a huge upside to this particular goal.

4. Make at least one blog post per month. I meant to post more this month, and I still have a backlog of things I need to publish.. but I did manage to put up one post! You'll see some stuff from my backlog go up shortly.

5. Donate at least $200 to charity this year. This one has been remarkably easy and I'm already half way to my goal. We're living in some troubling times, and there's always someone out there who needs your help!! This month my donation went to The American Civil Liberties Union! Even if you can't make a monetary contribution there are other ways to help; get out on the streets and protest, or volunteer for a cause you believe in, make art! It's important not to give up.

6. Be more responsive; start unpleasant or annoying tasks immediately, instead of continually putting them off. This one is obviously hard to quantify, but I think I've been doing a lot better. The move went well, but I did end up cutting it a little close. I'm also trying to keep a closer eye on some appointments I should be making, including one to get my glasses fixed..

7. Overhaul the blog. I have not had time to actually implement any of the changes I have planned for the blog, but I have lots of ideas and notes down! You'll start seeing new kinds of posts and fresh content from me soon, I promise!

8. Spend more time being creative. I was too busy with the move to be as creative as I wanted to be last month. I think it'll be easier in the coming months once I've dealt with settling into my new place.

9. Be more physically active. So, good news; I found my FitBit yesterday while unpacking! Last month I actually spent a lot of time running around ferrying stuff from the old house to the new one, which ended up replacing my evening jogs. I've been eating a little more carefully, and have subsequently dropped several pounds. Also, I signed up for a gym membership at a place that should be opening up soon!

10. Use my planner and have specific plans of action for tasks! I was using my planner a lot to help with the logistics of the move! I've been slacking the past week or so, but I'm getting back into it now.

That's all for now! I hope you're all making progress with your own goals for this year. I'll be checking in on this again at the end of March. Good luck!