Autumn Champagne & Gold - Shopping

When I was younger I was incredibly resistant to wearing gold, but as I've gotten older I've warmed to the idea. A few years ago bought my first piece of yellow gold jewelry, then I got a gold iPhone. My jewelry box is still primarily filled with white gold and silver, but I've started to make a little room for gold and rose gold.

Many weeks ago I received a mailer from one my favorite online lingerie stores, Journelle, containing an image of the Champagne Balcony Bra from Fleur of England (above right). The color of the straps caught my interest immediately and I've been obsessed with their Champagne collection ever since. Fleur of England's Sophia collection actually contains 'rose gold' but I find it's a little too pink-leaning for my liking.

More than half of the jewelry I've collected as an adult is from Bloodmilk. Jess offers a lot of her work in a rose gold variant, and eventually I'll pick some up. And, of course, I'm always clad in black, but I find little places to slip in some gold when accessorizing though. Who knows, maybe one day I'll have just as much gold in my wardrobe as silver.