What kind of camera set up do you use?
I use a mid-range point and shoot Olympus E-PL2, an off brand tri-pod, and a remote shutter for most of my outfit photos. I've had my E-PL2 for a few years and it's been incredibly reliable, but I'm looking to upgrade to something a little nicer in the near future. Most of my candid shots are straight from my iPhone 6s.

What hair dye do you use? How often do you dye it?
For the past year I’ve been using Sparks hair dye and I couldn’t be happier. The purple has the most staying power I’ve ever experienced with purple hair dye. Also Sparks is relatively cheap compared to other dyes I've used! I usually have to re-dye every month and a half or so.

Where do you get your clothes?
I buy most of my clothing online. I buy some Japanese fashion items second hand from mbok, yahoo! japan auctions, and closet-child. I buy most of my vintage items from etsy, ebay and local thrift stores.

Do you have preferred pronouns? Etc.
Honestly, anything is fine. I will accept he/him, she/her, and they/them. I’m also fine with you mixing them up as you like, though I can also see how this can be confusing in conversations.